Задания для студентов

Тест по страноведению.

1.                Which river bank Washington D.C. is located on ?
2.                A very large Gothic church in central London.lt is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English monarch.
3.                What's the name of the Queen's eldest son?
4.                What's the name of the London underground?
5.                What's the name of the most famous clock in Britain?
6.                Where is the official residence of the Queen:
7.                The Great Lakes are situated between Canada and:
8.                The capital city of Britain is:
9.                The Scottish man who lived most of his life in the USA and invented the telephone:
10.           What is the national flower of England:
11.           The Statue of Liberty is situated in:
12.           The British Parliament consists of:
13.           The capital city of Canada is:
14.           What are the two major parties in the USA?
15.           The present Britain Royal Family's surname is:
16.           The Canadian national currency is the:
17.           Which country English and French are the official languages of:
18.           Cambridge and Oxford are situated in:
19.           The biggest state in the USA is:
20.           The national currency of the UK is:
21.           A British politician known chiefly for his leadership of the UK during World War II is:
22.           What is Ben Nevis:
23.           The Channel Tunnel, linking the UK to the rest of Europeans between England and:
24.           Which sport is Wimbledon associated with?
25.           The floral symbol of Canada is the:
26.           How is the American flag often called?
27.           How is the British flag often called?
28.           Who is the current Prime Minister of the UK?
29.           Which is a well-known British food?
30.           Who is the current monarch in the UK?
31.           Who was the first president of the USA?
32.           How many states does Australia consist of?
33.           Charles Dickens is:
34.           Ernest Hemingway is:
35.           How many states are there in the USA?
36.           What does the USA consists of:
37.           How many parts does the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland consist of?
38.           How many stars and stripes are there on the American flag?
39.           What colour is the Union Jack?
40.           The capital of the USA is...
41.           What is the most important river in the UK?

Вопросы для общей беседы.

1.                     What is your first name?
2.                     What is your surname?
3.                     How old are you?
4.                     Where do you live?
5.                     Where were you born?
6.                     What is your date of birth?
7.                     What is your address?
8.                     What is your telephone number?
9.                     Is your family large?
10.                Are you an only child?
11.                What are your parents?
12.                Who do you most take after, your mother or your father?
13.                Who are you like in character?
14.                Who do you look like?
15.                Do you always plan your day beforehand?
16.                What do you usually do in the evenings?
17.                How do you spend your weekends?
18.                Are you a stay-at-home or do you prefer to go out when you have some time to spare?
19.                Are you fond of having friends in?
20.                Do you often have parties?
21.                Have you got a room of your own?
22.                Can you describe it?
23.                What is your hobby?
24.                Who is your best friend?
25.                Can you describe him/her?
26.                How long have you been friends?
27.                Do you have much in common or are you different?
28.                How do you spend your free time together?
29.                Is your friend easy to get along with?
30.                What qualities do you most admire in people?
31.                What characteristics annoy you most in people?
32.                What does the word “lazy” mean?
33.                When did you leave school?
34.                What kind of school was it?
35.                What subjects were you good at?
36.                What subjects did you like?
37.                What subjects did you dislike?
38.                What subjects were you bad at?
39.                Who was your favourite teacher?
40.                Why?
41.                Did you spend a lot of time at school?
42.                What out-of-class activities did you take part in?
43.                Were there any hobby clubs or societies in your school?
44.                Did you take part in any of them?
45.                What time did you usually come home from school?
46.                Did you have to wear a uniform?
47.                Could you choose the subjects you studied?
48.                Did you like your English classes?
49.                What did you do during your English lessons?
50.                When did you begin studying English?
51.                Had you studied English before you came to school?
52.                How long have you been learning English?
53.                Were all your English teachers good?
54.                What marks did you usually get in English?
55.                Do you find English grammar easy or difficult to study?
56.                What about English pronunciation?
57.                What English-speaking countries do you know?
58.                Have you been to any of them?
59.                Which variant of the English language do you like more: British or American?
60.                Did you study any other languages at school?
61.                How long does it take a person to learn to speak a foreign language, in your opinion?
62.                Do you find languages easy or difficult to learn?
63.                What other languages besides English would you like to learn?
64.                What language is spoken in France? Germany? China?
65.                What language is spoken in Holland? Switzerland? Brazil?
66.                Why is it important to know foreign languages?
67.                What are your plans for the future?
68.                Why did you decide to study at our University?
69.                What professions do you know?
70.                Which of them require the knowledge of foreign languages?
71.                What is an interpreter?
72.                What’s the difference between an interpreter and a translator?
73.                Are you fond of reading?
74.                What famous English writers do you know?
75.                What famous American writers do you know?
76.                Who are your favourite English (American) authors?
77.                Which of their books have you read?
78.                Who are your favourite Russian writers?
79.                Do you like poetry?
80.                Which do you prefer to read, poetry or prose?
81.                Have you ever written any poetry?
82.                What is the basic difference between poetry and prose?
83.                Who are your favourite Russian poets?
84.                Do you like modern poetry?
85.                What famous English or American poets do you know?
86.                Do you read much?
87.                How much do you read in English?
88.                Is it difficult for you to read English books in the original?
89.                What kind of books do you know?
90.                What sort of books do people read if they want information?
91.                What sort of books do people read if they want entertainment?
92.                What’s the difference between a biography and autobiography?
93.                What’s the difference between fiction and non-fiction books?
94.                How often do you use reference books?
95.                What dictionaries do you use?
96.                What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
97.                If you could choose between reading a book or seeing the same story as a film, which would you prefer?
98.                Who are your favourite modern authors?
99.                What kind of books do they write?
100.           Which book did you particularly enjoy reading recently?
101.           What did you like about the book?
102.           What was it about?
103.           Are there any books you’d like to reread?
104.           Do you sometimes borrow books from a library?
105.           What do you call a person who works in a library?
106.           Have you got a lot of books at home?
107.           Do you think it is good to have a home library?
108.           Have you got any books in English at home?
109.           Why do so many people like to read crime stories?
110.           Can you explain the difference between a bookshop and a library?
111.           Do you read newspapers?
112.           What newspapers do you read?
113.           What are your favourite magazines?
114.           Where can you buy newspapers and magazines?
115.           What newspapers and magazines do you subscribe to?
116.           Which sections of a newspaper are you especially interested in?
117.           Do you read reviews of new books, films and plays?
118.           Do you read any newspapers in English?
119.           What British newspapers do you know?
120.           Do you agree that radio and television have made newspapers unnecessary?
121.           Do you like watching TV?
122.           How much time do you spend watching TV?
123.           Is it true that television and computers begin to dominate our lives?
124.           What TV programmes are most popular with young people?
125.           What are your favourite TV programmes?
126.           What programmes do your parents usually watch?
127.           What do you think of soap operas?
128.           Do you like quiz shows?
129.           Do you ever watch educational TV programmes?
130.           Are they helpful?
131.           How many times have you been to the cinema this year?
132.           What kind of films do you prefer?
133.           Who are your favourite actors?
134.           Who are you favourite film directors?
135.           What do you think of horror films?
136.           Which film did you particularly like recently?
137.           What was it about?
138.           Who starred in the film?
139.           Have you seen any films in English?
140.           How often do you go to the theatre?
141.           When did you last go to the theatre?
142.           Did you like the performance?
143.           Did the audience like the performance?
144.           Was the house full?
145.           Where were your seats?
146.           Did you like the scenery?
147.           What was the play about?
148.           Who played the leading parts?
149.           Was the cast good?
150.           What do you call a place where the performance takes place?
151.           Where do you buy tickets?
152.           What do we call a person who writes plays? What do we call a person who directs the staging of a play?
153.           What is your favourite theatre and why?
154.           Which do you enjoy more: going to the theatre or going to the cinema?
155.           Do you like opera?
156.           What are your favourite operas?
157.           What are your favourite ballets?
158.           Which do you prefer: ballet, opera or musical concerts?
159.           Who are your favourite composers?
160.           Do you enjoy listening to classical music?
161.           What are your favourite pieces of classical music?
162.           Which do you prefer: modern music or classical music?
163.           Who are your favourite popular singers and groups?
164.           What is your favourite musical instrument?
165.           Do you play any musical instruments?
166.           Did you take music lessons?
167.           Have you ever been to a concert you didn’t like?
168.           Are you interested in painting?
169.           How often do you visit art galleries or fine arts museums?
170.           How many times have you been to the Tretyakov Gallery?
171.           When did you last go to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts?
172.           What museums have you been to this year?
173.           Have you been to any exhibitions lately?
174.           Who are your favourite Russian painters?
175.           What famous English and American painters do you know?
176.           Where did you see their pictures?
177.           What kind of pictures do you know?
178.           Have you ever been to the Hermitage in St Petersburg?
179.           What art galleries in London do you know?
180.           Are you fond of reading science fiction?
181.           Who is your favourite science fiction author?
182.           Which of the writers foresaw the flight to the moon?
183.           Which great Russian scientist worked out the theory of space flights and designed the first rocket?
184.           What achievements have been made in space exploration?
185.           Who was the first cosmonaut?
186.           Who was the first to land on the moon?
187.           Do you think there is life on other planets of the solar system?
188.           Do you believe in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)?
189.           Can you predict the future? What will life be like in 2100?
190.           What outstanding scientists do you know?
191.           What famous inventors do you know?
192.           Are there any outstanding politicians and public figures in our country?
193.           What kind of people are considered to be outstanding? What qualities must they possess?
194.           Is it enough to be talented to be called outstanding?
195.           What is environment?
196.           What has man’s interference in nature led to?
197.           Why do so many species of animals and plants die out forever?
198.           What pollutes and poisons the air?
199.           Why are acid rains so dangerous for people?
200.           What do you know about the consequences of the Chernobyl  and Fukusima tragedy?
201.           What should every country do to protect nature and to clean the environment?
202.           Is international cooperation necessary to create a system of ecological security? Why do you think so?
203.           What countries is the UK made up of?
204.           What is the capital of the UK?
205.           What is the capital of Wales?
206.           What is the capital of Scotland?
207.           What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
208.           Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain?
209.           Who is the Queen of Britain?
210.           What places of interest in London do you know?
211.           What do you know about Westminster Abbey?
212.           What do you know about the Houses of Parliament?
213.           Where is the residence of the Queen?
214.           Who was St Paul’s Cathedral built by?
215.           What do the stars on the American flag stand for?
216.           How many stars are there on the US flag?
217.           What is the capital of the USA?
218.           Who was the first president of the USA?
219.           Who is the US President now?
220.           What great Americans do you know?
221.           Who discovered America?
222.           What large cities in the USA do you know?
223.           What do the letters DC stand for?
224.           Which city is more American: Washington or New York?
225.           What places of interest in Washington do you know?
226.           When did the Russian Federation become an independent state?
227.           What parts of Russia have you been to?
228.           When was Moscow founded and who by?
229.           Do you know the city well?
230.           Can you describe the centre of Moscow?
231.           What historical monuments in Moscow do you know?
232.           What world-famous museums in Moscow do you know?
233.           What do you know about Red Square?
234.           What is your favourite plate in Moscow?
235.           What are the most interesting tourist sights in your city?
236.           Do you live in the centre or in the suburbs?
237.           What lands of public transport do you know'?
238.           Are you fond of travelling?
239.           If you were free to travel wherever you wanted, what countries would you visit?
240.           Why do you think so many people like travelling?
241.           Which is the most convenient way of travelling?
242.           Which is the quickest way of travelling?
243.           What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car?
244.           What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by air?
245.           Have you ever been abroad?
246.           What’s the difference between a voyage and a journey?
247.           What great travellers of the past do you know.
248.           Do you find time for sports?
249.           What kinds of sports do you know?
250.           What is your favourite kind of sports?
251.           What sports do you enjoy watching?
252.           What do you do to keep fit?
253.           What do you know about the history of the Olympic Games?
254.           What kinds of sports are popular in Britain?
255.           What’s the difference between an amateur and a professional?
256.           What do you do when you fall ill?
257.           What does the doctor do when he comes to examine you?
258.           What kinds of diseases do you know?
259.           What must we do to be in good health?
260.           What are the most important national holidays in Russia?
261.           What do we celebrate on the 9th of May?
262.           When do we celebrate Independence Day?
263.           What religious holidays do you know?
264.           What is your favourite holiday?
265.           What are the most important public holidays in Great Britain?
266.           What are the most important public . holidays in the United States?
267.           Are Christmas and Easter celebrated at the same time in all Christian countries?
268.           How is New Year celebrated in your family?

Источник: «Английский язык для школьников и поступающих в ВУЗы» Цветкова И.В., Клепальченко И.А., Мыльцева Н.А.- Изд-во Глосса 1996

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